Every Great Design Begins With An Even Greater Story

The idea of Untamed began with the owner’s desire to go back to her artistic roots. After years in corporate design, Stef started creating digital art that gave her joy and offered it for sale via third-party fulfillment companies in 2016. When the popularity of her designs was apparent, she decided to be more hands-on and dabble in printing on select products from her home.

Fast forward three years, Untamed rented a 5,000 square foot building to expand production and offer printing services to the local community and businesses of Hanover and beyond. In 2021 Untamed experienced another growth spurt and began offering laser engraving & cutting services. In addition to the print & laser studios, this building is also home to Untamed Boutique, a handmade retail store home to 35 and counting Pennsylvania & Maryland makers.

Our Mission

At Untamed, we believe everyone should be able to purchase quality personalized products without having to pay an arm and a leg or be held to ridiculous minimum order quantities. That’s why we’re happy to produce custom printed products in any amount. Whether you need one or a dozen (or maybe more!), we’ve got you covered.

Our customized products are produced in-house – never outsourced – so you can count on receiving a quality product with each and every order. You provide us with the idea and specifications, and we’ll get it done. It’s that simple.

Our Products

Our studio can engrave on 1,000’s of different products and these products are ever-changing. It is very difficult to maintain a complete catalog, so our most popular products are available online for order. This doesn’t mean that you can’t reach out to ask us if something can be done. Please do not ever hesitate to ask us if we can make your dream a reality.